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W12 : Transformation Challenge

This summer 2014 go Wild !

  • Winners can get up 1M. Rmb in cash each plus gifts!!!
  • 12 weeks to Change your life and push through limits !
  • 12 weeks to get inspired and inspire thousands!!
  • Money isn't the goal - Join us to make a change in your life and others !
  • Contest starts July the 15th!
Do not wait, sign up to secure your place and receive the 2014 Manual!
Follow Morgana, Asian fitness queen, and other fitness professionals and make every work out count! It works for the best, it will work for you too!
The more you compete against, the better !
  • Better money prizes, better gifts with every new participants!
  • Watch how fast they progress and aim for more!
  • Get constant feedback from friends and other competitors!
Weight Loss Challenge
Muscle Gain Challenge
Want to get rid out extra kilos once and for all?
  • Do not be shy! Post your progress pictures from day one!
  • Plan the work, work the plan!
  • Follow and Learn from the best! Free Access to Sport Events!
  • Feeling lazy? Can't do! Everyone's watching!
  • Over-ate? Keep track of your meals!
  • Change this into a long lasting habit!
  • Simply expect astounding results!
Need Bulking ?
  • Follow top bodybuilders and learn insider secrets!
  • Check what they eat and what supplement they use!
  • Friends working out like mad dogs? Work harder!
  • Prepare your schedule and create reminders!
  • Monitor your Lean body mass
  • Get discounts on supplements and healthy food
  • Train smart, Eat Smart and explode!
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It's the 12 Weeks online transformation challenge! Sign up now !
  • Receive confirmation emails and the instruction Manual.
  • Go here to learn more and pay 10rmb reg. fee https://yoopay.cn/event/W12-2014
  • Compete, win big and change your life!
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