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25 Jul,2014


24 Jul,2014

The app is online here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.adoptaman.simon&feature=search_result&hl=zh_CN -

It's working well, I mean there are still a few bugs here and there (some of them have been seen) but altogether it is fine.

First release let you check and book  for events, venues - chat with people and submit photos to photo contest.

Feed back is warmly welcomed.

13 May,2013

Personal trainer pages are online, but the site is still buggy and slow. Will probably need until end of may to fix all the bugs and improve site speed - after which we will resume the last part of the site.

08 Nov,2012

Finally, we will release the beta version of Townsquare today. Townsquare serves two purposes : Forum and Groups.

I don't think I need to explain what forums are; I can however quickly brief you on Groups.

>Groups are made to bring people together around comon objectives, activities or philosophy; for exemple:

  • Under Objectives you might find groups about Weight loss, Finishing a Marathon, or Being Healthy.
  • Under Activities you might find groups about doing Squash, Running or Zombie Walks.
  • Under Philosophies you might find groups about Never wasting time, Vegetarians, Brands and more.

You can create groups, bring friends in and moderate them by yourself or with appointed moderators (soon).
You will also be able to create events for everyone from the group page OR group only.

Currenlty there are no picture and video sharing on the messages & no profile pages yet. This will change soon.

24 Oct,2012

So little time and so much to finish. We hope to see you there when we get back online!  Don't worry if you see bugs everywhere,

Report them if you can but I am pretty sure we are aware of them:

Booking works fine when set on perhaps, the other is bit buggy. (will be fixed soon)

Showtime is not working (ooops will be fixed soon too)

Probably issues with Chinese (same same)

Legal page is a mess (did you even see that ?)

The Map is not Fully working (might need a bit longer for that one)

The App is not what it should be

You probably see only very little events, places in directory and content on blog as of now. To be set back in motion for first november.

System Emails are coming from an unknown gmail address (will be fixed a bit later)

Bootcamp is not working

There will be issues with credit (this will take more time)


Adding to these issues we are also working on

>Forums and Groups (soon)

>Heroes (Sport profiles)

>Improved Upcoming Events (and posting to upcoming event)

>Improved Directory (and posting to directory)

>Improved not working function

>Improved Share function




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