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Eventanimals is an online community made for active people. We love going out, hanging out and making new friends. Our aim is to find the very best that Beijing has to offer in sport and social events. We also offer our members great deals on activities in the city! If you are looking to sport up your life in Beijing, you've come to the right place!
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“Who Rules The World photo contest?
This time we give Ladies a chance to show the men kind "Who Run The World".
“No contest running?
There are no current Contest running, check the old ones or come back hourly to see if that changes.
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  • GleeGym
  • Bike Stealer Story from Jennier
    Sometimes weird become weirder.
  • From Adoptaman to EventAnimals
  • Zombie Run aftermath
    I'd like to thank you all for coming and making the first Zombie run happen.
  • Zombie Run Details
    Details of the Zombie Run
  • How to street Fight
    Because men are men fights happen even outside rings. Defending yourself against one or more people in a street or a bar requires a bit of thinking and skills.Here are a few tips to make all of it (a little)less painful.
  • Gym untold rules that everyone knows about.
    Every Gym has it own set of rules but in all the gyms there are sets of untold rules that everyone knows about. Here are a few; let me know if I am missing anything!
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