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Written by: Fred
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In March 2011, I launched the first version of Adoptaman which was made to serve everyone as a plateform for social events. Adoptaman was mostly made to hold events to serve taoerwang.com, my main other site (a social/dating site). 

I first planned on doing mostly speed dating events, but soon was pushed by friends and partners to do more than that. Within a couple of months we were mixing sport and social along with speed dating events. And all was very well with all of that, after all sport as always been my first love.

With a growing database and strong exposition, we were asked by hotels, restaurants and bars to prepare events and parties. And events we did. We did some amazing parties and all was going very well. 

By late 2011, things went a bit more difficult - late or no payment from big clients; too many things going on - increased cost, chinese paperwork and an ever growing need for stronger platforms. Simply said things had to change.

I decided to take a year to improve websites, create apps and give us a stong and long lasting direction; focused on not what we could do but what we love doing best. And because the name of Adoptaman was more kin to dating than it was to sport I decided to switch it to EventAnimals.

EventAnimals will focus solely on sport promotion. If you are looking to do something involving sport in China, I will make us your favourite website / app.


Event Animals will help:


  • you finding places to do sport with the directory. Will help venues get a free, clean and clear comprehensive listing on both website and apps.
  • you finding events in the upcoming event page. Will help event organizer post events free of charge to people who are interested in sport and offer them access to booking information.
  • you find sport friends with groups and forums.
  • you find motivation to work out harder with the soon coming up bootcamp and Heroes pages.
  • you learn more about sport, or events with the Blog and Showtime (videos) and let people contribute freely to more post in these sections.

Event Animals was built to push you back into a better and healthier lifestyle. 
Event Animals is now online and though it is not fully where I want it to be in terms of functionality and design yet - it will do what no other website is doing in China.

What is  the goal for 2013? To become to first reference for sport event in Bejing. 

I hope to have your support. Feel free to contact me at anytime.


Nb: For more information about the apps, check the app page.
Nb2: To create more social bonds between people I decided to create small bridges between EventAnimals.com and Taoerwang.com - that doesn't mean you have to be single and looking.



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