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Eventanimals was founded to promote sport and social interaction and a healthy lifestyle. Althought the “team” is very small, over of a hundred people have been involved and have helped to make Eventanimals what it is today.


Even more so, the Eventanimals ever-growing community is shaping the site into something awesome and filling in the need to have reliable and updated information for people who love sport, motion and socializing!
Got something to share? Please feel free to contact us! This is also your site.

Fred: "The Founder"

Raised into doing sport and loves it. There is hardly anything more satisfying for Fred that being completly worn out after exercising and trying new things.
Hobbies: Working, Friends, Vegetables and Fruits, Computers, Adventures, Trees.
Sports Practiced: Squash, MMA, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Volley, Golf, Motorsports, Skiing and more
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